Proper OSS/BSS system has a crucial role to ensure quality in customer experience and increased efficiency in tomorrow’s world. The world in which end users will want even more speed, in which smart devices will be joining their bits into gigantic force of Big Data, telecommunication services will be software defined, the world in which all that will have to be delivered with ever decreasing price. Fragmented OSS and static BSS are the first place to look for reasons for growing subscriber churn. With the help from experts from Oracle Communications we help operators reach the right balance of pro-active OSS and solid BSS systems in order to cut down service interruptions, activate new services immediately instead in days, and secure accurate charging for subscribers. To double-check how to improve the existing services and where to go next we add to our offer the Customer Experience solutions from Oracle Communications and Zhilabs.

Unified Inventory Management

Oracle Communications Unified Inventory Management is an open, standards-based application that provides an intelligent inventory of communications services and resources. Its flexible, extensible architecture enables the rapid design and efficient delivery of customer-centric services along with the management of current and next- generation resources and technologies.  UIM enables rapid introduction of current and next-generation services and technologies and facilitates faster time to revenue through pre-built support for complex next generation services. UIM is a seamless extension into NFV with holistic support for both physical and virtualized resources and network services.

Design Studio

Oracle Communications Design Studio is a unified design time environment that accelerates the creation and delivery of Oracle Communications Solutions by providing an efficient, intuitive, and consistent design experience across the various fulfillment and resource management applications within the Oracle Communications portfolio. It is a graphical, integrated development environment for the design, deployment, and testing of integrated, multi-application OSS solutions. Design Studio simplifies the creation of metadata specifying order decomposition and orchestration rules in order management, inventory specifications, design / assign rules and discovery / reconciliation rules in inventory, and configuration of composite and atomic task translations in activation. It enables development collaboration and solution packaging, versioning and deployment with reduced time to market for new services.

Order and Service Management

Oracle Communications OSM enables Communications Service Providers to design and manage the fulfillment of customer orders for both traditional and increasingly digital services through their entire lifecycle. OSM is a key component of Oracle Communications’ “Concept to Cash” solutions which enable service providers to quickly design and launch new B2B and B2C services and manage the delivery of the order across participating business and operational systems as well as partners in order to fulfill the order. OSM organically couples with the Cross-Channel Customer Experience system performing the role of the Central Order Orchestration which ensure exact and swift delivery of customer orders.

Operations Monitor

Operations Monitor is part of an end-to-end network visibility and monitoring software system that increases the ROI of Long Term Evolution (LTE), IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS), voice over IP (VoIP), and unified communications (UC) deployments and provides an unprecedented view of the network for both operations management and in depth troubleshooting. The Operations Monitor enables enterprises and service providers to quickly and securely deploy IP communications networks, reduce operational costs, generate additional revenue and minimize churn. As a proactive call monitoring solution, Oracle Communications Operations Monitor captures and analyzes all required signaling messages and media from the network, providing full correlation and quality metrics in real time. It also enables easy-to-use, drill-down troubleshooting for root-cause analysis of any reported problem related to a user, user group, trunk, network device, or Internet Protocol (IP) address.

Billing and Revenue Management

In a dynamic environment in which customer expectations and behaviors are changing rapidly, service providers are faced with many business challenges. Yet, this environment provides more opportunity for innovation than ever before. Service Providers are achieving greater service and offer personalization while improving profitability by leveraging Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management, a solution that radically improves time to market for new services, lowers operational costs by managing, monetizing, and maximizing revenue streams for any customer type, service offering, partner relationship, payment method, business model, or geography. To support such innovation, Oracle Communications BRM provides a fully convergent charging and billing system to manage the entire revenue management lifecycle. BRM is designed to support multiple business segments and business models from a single platform including B2C, B2B, and B2B2C. It includes innovative, intelligent, policy-driven charging capabilities that create compelling competitive differentiation. To keep service providers’ peace of mind the BRM built as a single optimized charging and revenue management platform capable providing extreme performance and massive throughput for convergent workloads.

Elastic Charging Engine

Smart devices, increasing fixed and mobile broadband speeds, and data consumption are changing consumer’s behavior and the way businesses operate. Charging for service and data usage now requires extreme real-time processing, for instant and personalized customer notifications, policy-based quality of service, and hybrid prepaid and postpaid charging plans. The Oracle Communications Elastic Charging Engine redefines real-time charging with extreme performance, inherent high availability, dynamic scalability and low cost, efficient operations. It is an always on, 100% real-time solution for prepaid and postpaid charging for all services on a single system. It enables operators to charge for high volumes of usage events with minimal infrastructure footprint that is based on built-in high availability technology. This same technology allows for zero-downtime upgrades.

Unified Cross-Channel Customer Experience

Communication Service Providers around the world are looking for ways to improve their services in order to be able to offer an engaging Customer Experience (CX) so that they may expand their customer base, retain existing customers, and monetize on these relationships. To achieve these benefits CSPs need to address CX at all customer touch points. Oracle has developed the CX Reference Architecture for Communications to help CSPs deliver a superior experience to their customers in all touch points throughout the Customer Experience lifecycle. The Oracle CX reference Architecture is founded on proven solutions and best-in-class applications and will enable CSPs to adopt a holistic approach to Customer Experience across standard processes from front office channels to back-office operations.

Customer Experience Management

Powered by the Big Data Application Server, Zhilab’s Vista is a complete virtualized customer experience analytics and management solution. Vista provides service operators with real-time information about how the subscribers experience the network, with insight into problems related to over-the-top services. Vista will enhance response time to problems, increase the QoS perceived by subscribers and maximize the business impact of network upgrades. Service providers which use the Vista tools gain deeper knowledge of subscriber interests and activities, unveil new revenue sources and track and boost the adoption of new services. Vista revolutionary technology can collect massive data at wire-speed, directly from the packet data network and from any OSS/BSS source, correlate it, apply advanced analytics in real-time and act back on the Network.