Our partner in the domain of roaming services, Tomia is the pioneer of the trade. Their innovative roaming solutions overcome the complex challenges and unexpected obstacles of the hyper-connected world, in order to drive real-time business impact and deliver outstanding user experience. Their aim is to provide one place to manage the wholesale and retail inter-carrier business while deriving more value from the underlying networks. Their solutions help operators create and implement truly global mobile applications.

Intelligent Preferred Network for LTE

This fully automated Steering of Roaming (SoR) product helps operators achieve optimal steering results and meet wholesale discount agreements in LTE and hybrid environments. It recognizes LTE registrations and complies with Circuit Switch (CS) fallback scenarios. IPN LTE also controls 4G devices and SIM PLMN lists, and dynamically sets the preferred partner according to the location, business targets, access technology and device in use.

LTE Campaign Management

For effective marketing campaigns in a diverse roaming environment, the Starhome Mach Sparx4G™ solution is best of breed. Sparx4G employs micro-segmentation to send the correct message to a specific segment, based on those subscribers’ profiles.  Sparx takes into consideration subscribers’ devices, the network in which they are roaming and the network technology. Sparx promotes true high speed data access in cities and locations where LTE is available to roamers with heavy data usage patterns.

EU Regulation Solution

Tomia provides a complete solution that will help mobile operators meet the challenges of the new EU “Roam like Home” regulations.

The solution enables operators to minimize the risks of Permanent Roamers and abuse of the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) while being fully compliant with the new regulations. Operators can identify, measure and react to cases of permanent roaming and Fair Usage abuse in Near Real-time and take the indicated appropriate actions based on their business objectives.

Real-Time Anti-Fraud

Starhome Mach’s Real-time Anti-fraud is a worry-free solution that detects and prevents International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) in real-time to eliminate fraud losses and protect the MNO’s brand reputation.

Unlike traditional fraud management systems that identify fraud after the fact by analyzing Call Detail Records (CDRs), Starhome Mach identifies fraud while it happens and it stops it in real-time.  “Real-time Anti-fraud” was nominated for the 2017 GSMA Global Mobile Awards for Best Mobile Security or Anti-Fraud Solution