The world of messaging is not flat anymore. With the fall of SMS, we have seen the rise of popularity of numerous mobile messaging applications which are rich in features and all having rather inevitable downside: dependency on the user’s client, operator, or device and they don’t talk to each other. Propelled by the fact that those OTT services have been literary exploiting service provider networks and harming their revenues, converged messaging solutions have found their way to everyday life. Boosted by Google and global Tier 1 telco’s the development of messaging solutions for Rich Communication Services is getting a quantum leap but not yet reaching full maturity. We propose the solution that will support that step from legacy to the future platforms: converged messaging solutions for RCS, IP Messaging, SMS/MMS, and LTE messaging. We aim to facilitate operators to transform their messaging core and introduce new services to end users with significantly reduced time to market and notably richer user experience.

Rich Messaging

We offer the RCS solution that brings rich messaging services from simple text IM to conversational and group messaging. The messaging application server enables Capability Discovery for multi-device handling and other types of optimizations. The RCS service is extended to non-RCS mobile users vi IPSM gateway providing the SMS and MMS interworking function.

IP Short Message Gateway

IP-SM-GW provides SMS service continuity on LTE and non-cellular IP networks without requiring any changes in 2G/3G systems including existing SMSCs. Regardless of subscriber’s device capability or network status, the IP-SM-GW enables end-to-end short message services transparently to subscriber’s messaging service experience.   IP-SM-GW is a component of its converged messaging platform, Rich Messaging Server (RMS) that delivers truly converged messaging to operators with intelligent routing, policy driven services and multiple domain delivery capabilities.

Short Message Gateway

Short Message Gateway is a 3GPP/3GPP2 compliant SMSC part of the portfolio providing tools for transition to modern messaging services. Designed with idea that once the legacy SMSC reaches the end of life operator’s will still need to maintain certain proportion of SMS traffic, the SM Gateway steps in to take over all of the load but this time with much lower TCO. Since it is a component of the component of the converged messaging platform our offer of SMSC means that by putting it in place of the legacy system an operator is actually taking a first step towards the new age messaging core.