The Internet of Things has the power to transform every industry. Our telco team, united with de-facto one of the IoT industry’s leaders, French company Actility, is helping carriers, utilities, and enterprises to monitor, manage and control things in a variety use cases, enabling truly inventive business models and generating new revenues. Currently we are focused on LoRa WAN being that it is by far the most cost-effective way to connect things into meaningful applications. The complete offer is based on integration of the Actility ThingPark IoT enabler platform with a selection of components from the ecosystem of many compatible products and solutions from third parties comprising gateways, devices, services and IoT applications.

LPWA Networking

We offer ThingPark Wireless from Actility as a core network management and supervision solution for LPWA connectivity. It enables scalable LPWA networks and interoperable IoT applications and services. ThingPark Wireless supports a range of gateways — outdoor macro-cell, indoor nano-cell, and pico-cells — from leading vendors: Cisco, Multitech, UfiSpace, Kerlink and others. ThingPark OS is a central IoT management service to connect sensors to applications. It includes an operator-dedicated Operations Support System (OSS) tool to manage device and gateway onboarding through network activation, service orchestration and business enablement. ThingPark OS portals give users a set of end-to-end tools to manage both the operational and business layers of the product. These tools are enabled through WEB GUI applications, and are also available through web services to enable flexible and quick 3rd party management capabilities across the various existing roles (Operator, Supplier, Vendor or Subscriber) instantiated over the ThingPark Wireless product. ThingPark X is a data analytics and control framework which exposes data from connected things to applications, and offers off the shelf IoT industrial applications. Easy-to-implement REST APIs make it straightforward for third-party applications to interface with the ThingPark X data management system, enabling operators, device and application developers to support different M2M devices from various suppliers. ThingPark Market is a B2B ecommerce platform aggregating, distributing and connecting IoT devices and applications to the ThingPark platform.

IoT Application Development Enablement

As we are one of them we know that third-party application developers can easily interface with the ThingPark OS data management engine through connectors dedicated to specific external IoT cloud services, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and IBM Bluemix. ThingPark X also makes it possible for multiple application protocols like KNX, WMBus or ZCL to be carried over a LoRaWAN network with a single data storage and access mechanism.

Real-Time IoT Automation

ThingPark includes real-time high-performance algorithms able to control millions of end-points and respond to network and market events with sub-second response time. ThingPark large scale aggregation platforms are used today by Energy DSOs and TSOs to help control power consumption in real time. ThingPark can handle massive amounts of data, performing key features like quota management and automatic secure open data mediation. This function simplifies M2M application development, allowing clients to concentrate on data analysis and representation capabilities rather than storage management.

IoT Applications

TERI’s telco and IT teams are working together on development and deployment of turnkey, bottom-to-top IoT solutions for various verticals:  energy & utilities, telecoms, mining, oil and gas, factories, buildings & facilities, agriculture, smart cities, transport and logistics. We start with careful selection of gateways and planning of LPWA network gateway locations. The gateways are deployed and then connected to the core network server and the network is verified. After that we may start developing an end user application and deploying connected devices: environmental sensors, sensors to detect pipe leakage, smoke, pressure, temperature, or water flow meters, power meters etc.