Our experience tells us that designing and rolling out a network infrastructure based on estimated current customer needs is an inevitable way of painting oneself into a corner. We joined our forces with Oracle Communications in order to help our customers avoid such situations by implementing virtualized network functions that will be taking care of yet unknown demands of future users too. Once they are NFV ready, our clients will be able to transform their infrastructure into fully virtualized at their own pace. They will be using optimal deployment steps gradually reaching the stage of offering scalable on-demand services in real time. We offer cloud-ready VNFs that may be run on a variety of VMs managed by advanced orchestration tools to achieve greater agility and operational efficiency. Furthermore, all OC VNFs are designed to be highly scalable where performance is guaranteed from a minimum lab configuration to a large deployment for a tier-1 service provider.

Rapid Onboarding

Oracle Communications VNFs are built following are optimized for NFV. They are truly platform independent, built to match carrier-grade standards with proven ability to coexist with their physical counterparts. This is why we know that migration from physical to fully virtualized is a seamless and bumpless transfer.

Edge Session Management

The Oracle Communications Session Border Controller (OCSBC) satisfies all session border control requirements for fixed line, mobile (VoLTE), and OTT service providers, enabling trusted interactive and secure VoIP communications across network borders. OCSBC is available as a VNF in addition to a PNF, and this flexibility opens a wider range of deployment options for service providers. OCSBC VNF is equivalent in functionality to its purpose-built counterpart, and is suitable for all use cases such as SIP trunking, peering with other networks, mobile and fixed line access and hosted unified and contact center communications.

Core Session Management

The building blocks of the core session management layer of the VNF portfolio are the Oracle Communications Core Session Manager (OCCSM), the Policy Manager (OCPM), the Diameter Service Router (OCDSR) and the Session Router (OCSR).

OCCSM is a carrier-grade, standards-based virtualized IMS core designed for NFV from Day 1. It has a complete set of session core functions including Call Session Control Function (CSCF) and Break-out Gateway Control Function (BGCF) and their associated 3GPP interfaces.  The OCCSM comes pre-integrated with the Session Delivery Manager. Oracle Communications Policy Management (OCPM) provides the flexible and resilient network policy system providing standards-based, yet customizable interfaces and multivendor interoperability with a wide range of third party network functions.

Oracle Communications Diameter Signaling Router (OCDSR) is a cloud deployable Diameter signaling controller solution. OCDSR centralizes routing, traffic management and load balancing, creating an architecture that enables IMS and LTE networks to be truly elastic. OCDSR north-bound interface allows integration with any orchestrator.

Session Router (OCSR) is a key element of the network core that provides extensive routing capabilities for calls based on defined policies and a variety of criteria such as least cost and time-of-day. OCSR will increase scale and performance of SIP routing, resolve addresses, apply policy, and select optimum path within a core signaling network while reducing the cost and complexity of providing multimedia services. It is fully integrated with Oracle Communications Application Orchestrator.

Application Servers

Oracle Communications Converged Application Server (OCCAS) and Evolved Communications Application Server (OCECAS) form the Applications Servers layer – the top layer of VNFs architecture.

OCCAS provides an open, standards-based, virtualized converged application platform with integrated SIP and Web capabilities; OCCAS helps customers worldwide reduce the cost and time of developing and deploying carrier-grade, converged applications by over 70%. It enables customers to maximize profitability from existing services, to realize new revenue from innovative converged Web-Telecom applications, and implement new features in their existing enterprise Unified Communication (UC) and contact center networks.

Oracle Communications Evolved Communications Application Server (OCECAS) is is powered by OCCAS as the underlying service engine, leveraging the unrivalled performance, and in-memory data grid technology. OCECAS provides a comprehensive, standards-compliant, out of the box application for VoLTE, ViLTE and VoWiFi that is 100% configurable and extendable. OCECAS increases service agility by embracing DevOps approach to new service rollout using an automated deployment process from testing to staging to production environments. It provides ground-up support for virtualized orchestration and redefines IMS Application Server extensibility and scalability by utilizing cutting-edge Oracle Coherence in-memory data grid technology that preserves service continuity and maintains latency under NFV infrastructure failure conditions.