Customer Care

Together with our partners, TERI offers a technical assistance organization, designed to keep customer systems up and running at optimal performance at all times. All our customers are provided a single dedicated point of contact, available 24/7 to answer any questions or handle maintenance or other issues ad hoc. Whenever on-site or off-site assistance is required, TERI’s well-trained field support engineers are never far away. It takes one call to repair equipment or a single component on site. TERI engineers are trained and skilled and are also successful at supporting customers on the phone by talking them through complex technical issues till resolution.

  • 365x24x7 Support: based on the Service Line Agreement TERI provides on-call personnel for 365x24x7 support for handling critical and major faults in the production systems.
  • CRM and Hot-line: possibility to have an account within TERI’s CRM and all the faults received either via calling the hot-line, email or directly through the customer portal will be logged in the CRM and automatically brought to attention of the assigned personnel.
  • Operational Support: when required (typically during first 30-60 days of operation of new production line), our personnel act as additional embedded engineers and technicians and perform operational support for the production so that the down-times are cut to the minimum
  • Maintenance: trained and equipped to perform both preventive and scheduled maintenance for both automation systems and supporting general purpose equipment (communication, ventilation, lighting and electrical power)