Big Data & IoT

Digital transformation is a challenging process for any organization. The everyday chore of squeezing added value out of the organically collected Big Data is multiplied by bringing in the technological revolution of the Internet of Things. We design and deliver scalable, provider-grade, Big Data and IoT systems using open source tools and resources such as Hadoop, Spark and ELK as well as commercial grade platforms such as Sisense and ThingWorx.

Big Data Analytics

We understand that you might be foreseeing an explosion of data generated by your enterprise system and yet you desire to extract any valuable information from that flood and bring an added value to the organization. The solutions we work on are tailored to perfectly match both today’s and tomorrow’s needs. On the premise or in the cloud, we bring in the open source champions of real-time processing Hadoop&Spark, solo or paired with ELK, or the commercial all-time winner Sisense single stack BI solution.


We help our customers get the most from their connected things. Our solutions are built upon frameworks provided by some of the IoT industry leaders.  We design and develop enterprise grade or public grade applications for home and office security, asset and people tracking, car parking, agricultural monitoring and control, infrastructure monitoring and similar either as custom built applications using the Actility ThingPark API or as IDE based application suits based on the capabilities of Application Enablement Platforms such as ThingWorx or Busit.